How to buy car covers

What protection inside? Outdoors? Why are there so many price differences?

You are certainly asking yourself all these questions as the offer of the car cover market is vast.

We will help you make the right choice knowingly. And do not forget that the big differences in price usually come from the difference in quality of materials, finish, aesthetics but also personalization. So here is a summary of the points that make a car cover a quality car cover. Cover Company has written for you a list of key questions and points to consider when buy car covers.

  • What storage do you want? 
  •  Stationary car inside (garage, car storage, collective parking etc.): you need a car cover against dust, dirt but also external aggression caused for example by your pets or any scratches such as door shocks if you store your car in a shared parking.
  • Car parked outdoors (in the street or in your garden, or under a shelter: put on a waterproof protective cover against rain, hail, frost, snow but also wind, UV rays and aggressions external (animals, stone throwing, vandalism etc.), dirt (dust, sap, bird droppings, cat urine …).

For both types of storage of your car, it will be necessary to favor a breathable car cover that will let evacuate condensation created inside the cover (moisture, hot engine …). This will avoid the risk of corrosion of the bodywork under the cover.

  • What materials for good car protection? 

If you poor quality buy car covers can cause much more damage than one might think. It is often better not to hide one’s car rather than use a lower-quality car cover.

Possible damages include:

– Scratches and micro-scratches caused by rigid linings and / or seams that damage the paint or flutter and therefore friction due to wind because the car cover is not well fixed (poor quality elastics, poorly fitted cover etc).

–    The corrosion of the bodywork under the car cover because it does not let out condensation formed inside the car cover (this is an inevitable phenomenon).

Here are the materials to select:

  • Waterproof quality cover: for outdoor parking (eg PVC or Moltex). Our PVC covers are lighter and more aesthetic.
  • breathable car cover
  • Elastic tightening ensuring a good support and flexible at the same time: to not damage the bodywork and allow to fix the tarpaulin car. Friction and flutter in windy conditions are avoided.
  • Internal side and seams of the cover ultra soft and high quality : to preserve the paint and avoid micro-scratches.
  • Breathable self-adhesive cover : against the formation of condensation inside the car cover.

Custom car cover

  •  And aesthetic side ? 
  • Custom car cover:  the most beautiful way to buy car covers are cut according to the exact dimensions of your car and adjusted to measure. They offer outstanding attachment and perfectly emphasize the lines of your vehicle.
  • Car cover semi custom: this type of cover offers a beautiful rendering by their extensible material type “glove”. On the other hand, it does not correspond to 100% to your car. However, the adjustment is quality and it can often be provided with sleeves mirrors (be careful that we do not offer them as custom covers – their price should be lower).
  • Standard quality car cover: it allows good protection when these materials are of quality and corresponds to the basic dimensions of your vehicle. It is very easy to distinguish with the naked eye a beautiful standard auto cover of a cheap cover (not aesthetic and of bad quality).
  • Customization options: car covers manufactured in the workshop (and non-standard) generally offer many customization options: colors, mirror sleeves, silk-screen printing choice, piping, etc. It can also help you to distinguish a semi custom cover from a custom cover.
  • And for practicality ?
  • xBuy car covers that are thin and of reasonable weight which will allow you easier installation (reduced thickness = faster drying).
  • Storage side, prefer it compact and provided with a case or a storage bag . If you own several vehicles, it will be wise to order a case mentioning the model of the different vehicles.
  • Make sure the cover is easily machine washable.

Cover Company exclusively offers high quality car covers. We favor products offering you the best protection while elegance.