You should know exactly what to expect from your local heating engineer, so you can be sure that you stay warm and toasty during the harsh cold winters. This guide will let you know whether or not you have a reliable person who you are trusting your boilers and radiators with.


They are honest

 There are some things that work for certain homes but don’t for others, so it is highly crucial that your heating engineer is aware of the things your house needs. The specialist will give you advice on the basis of it being good for you and not as a means for them making money out of it. This means they give you reasonable price quotes, and also take their time to fix your heater or radiator by delivering quality work.



 They should always be on time that is agreed upon and this means they are aware of their own schedules so the time they give you do not clash with anyone else’s. With unforeseen circumstances, it is important they inform you before hand so you are not kept waiting for hours. And even if they are going to be late, you should be informed beforehand.


Good communication

The contact should not end with the heating engineer finishing their job at your home. You should be able to call them after, if you have any sorts of problems or question. And the sign of a good heating engineer is that they will be ready to answer your questions even if they are not working for you at that moment. They will also give you multiple ways of contacting them such as email, phone numbers etc. This is a way of establishing a long term relationship with the customers.

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