Top Entertainment and Activity Places for Kids

We all know how important it is to have sports and outdoor activities for children. In today’s digital age where households are overflowing with fancy gadgets of all shapes and sizes, children have too much exposure to technology. The sporting dynamics of children are increasingly shifting. They would prefer to watch a cartoon series on their Optimum CableTV, or stream their favorite animated movie on their private gadget. They would rather indulge in an intense online gaming session than go out to a park, or for cycling around the neighborhood. They have different tastes than what we had. But as parents and adults, we should try and plan outdoor activities for them pretty often. Taking them to places that offer entertainment and enlightenment is a good idea. At times, you should plan for activity-based visits too.

America is full of fun places and entertaining activities for kids. You should definitely pick some and make a plan with your kids. To that end we have listed a few places offering unique and fun-filled experiences. These involve knowledge, play, and some pure entertainment.

 U.S. Space and Rocket Center (Alabama)

If your kids have an interest in space, sci-fi, and Astronomy, and perhaps they aim to become astronauts in future, this is the perfect place for them to see. When you are in Alabama with family, don’t miss this spot. The center offers a three-day program for space camping which is out-of-the-world experience. Your kids will love it.

 Grand Canyon (Arizona)

There is a lot to do at the great wonder Grand Canyon with your kids. You can hike, camp, and yell at the top of lungs. It’s fun to hear the reverberating echo of your voice. Your little one can become a park ranger. It is perhaps one of the most fun things to do here. Kids between the ages of 4 to 14 participate in different ranger programs and then they get their badges.  How exciting is that!


Drive-Thru Tree Park (California)

It is a good idea to go for a nice drive with your kids right through the midst of California Redwoods, at the Drive-Thru park. You get to drive the car directly beneath the Chandelier Tree and can photograph the unique experience. We assure you that your kids are going to cherish this experience for years and years.

 Little Rock Zoo (Arkansas)

 Kids can learn, explore, and play at this zoo that offers a good number of tours, activities, and events. Your kids can enjoy the adventure of feeding alligators and penguins. Or, they can enjoy a 45-minute tour, guided to make them learn about their favorite members of the animal kingdom.

Great Sand Dunes (Colorado)

You must take your kids to the largest sandbox of the world! Witness one of the most beautiful scenery at the Great Sand Dunes.The kids would love to climb the drifts and try sand sledding and sandboarding.

Quassy Amusement Park (Connecticut)

Spend a great summer day with your kids in this amusement park in Middlebury, CT. The place has attractions and rides for all age groups.

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum (Washington DC)

Kids enjoy the opportunity to explore numerous exhibitions of air travels in this Air & Space Museum. They can also learn about the milestones and space research ventures. Make sure you bring your kids here for a knowledgeable visit.

Dover International Speedway (Delaware)

 At Dover Speedway, your tiny ones can enjoy seeing a real-life race. They can enjoy in the Monster FunZoneendlessly, playing all the crazy games. There are rides, rock walls, bounce houses and giant monsters. A must-visit for kids!

Kennedy Space Center (Florida)

Experience an almost real shuttle launch and some amazing astronaut training with your kids at this space center. You can enjoy standing right next to the space shuttle Atlantis.

Museum of Indianapolis for Children (Indiana)

The museum is home to a good number of incredible exhibits for children of all age groups. Visit playscape, check out the amazing masterpiece of blown glass, experience China, and marvel at science and nature.

You can find more entertaining and activity-based places on the kids’ documentaries and shows on one of your Cox Cable Packages. Plan a visit today!

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